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Thank you for your interest in taking the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

NRA Instructors associated with Connecticut Firearms Training can provide this training. All of our NRA training classes are held our state of the art class room.

We have an interest in turning out capable, qualified, and safe students. In the interest of these goals, we would like to outline some of the training and give you some information about the demands of the course.

This course consists of classroom training involving safe firearm handling, legal issues, basic firearms discussion & live fire. SAFETY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY when handling of firearms which is required in all classes. Strict observance of safety rules and practices will be enforced. Firearms safety and handling will be discussed at length during the classroom portion of the instruction & on the range. We are here to educate you on the proper and safe method of handling firearms. At the conclusion of the course a 50 question written test needs to be completed and passed before a certificate is issued.

If you are new to shooting, or have limited experience with handling a firearm, don't worry, together we can make your experience with us safe, fun, and informative. If you are already a shooter our NRA instructors are willing to help you improve you skills with a handgun or rifle.

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