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Connecticut Firearms Training is clean and well lit. There are 12 stations designed for individual shooting in safety and comfort. All stations are easily accessible by wheelchair-bound & handicap shooters. State of the art equipment with an electrical target retrieval system allowing shooting at any distance from 18ft. to the maximum of 50ft. Backstops are designed to accept the shooting of calibers up to 1800 feet/second. This allows the use of most calibers up to a .44 Magnum with both jacketed and lead bullets. Also, .22 and pistol caliber rifles are allowed (consult Front Desk for clarification). (SEE PDF FILES for RANGE RULES & FORMS)

The Range is equipped with video monitors designed to maintain a safe and enjoyable shooting environment, the range is climate controlled for comfortable year round shooting.

To complement the range, an on-site retail shooting center is available offering a fully stocked store with a wide variety of firearms and accessories: We also have a qulified Gunsmith on retainer